Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 05-Oct-2011


1.Principal Dynamic Bond Fund Files An Offer Document With Sebi.

Principal Dynamic Bond Fund Scheme: An open ended Income Scheme Investment Objective: The investment objective of the scheme is to generate income and long term gains by investing in a range of debt and money market instruments of various maturities. The Scheme has two Options viz. Dividend and Growth Option. Further, the Dividend Option has the facility of Payout, Reinvestment and Sweep.

News Source – NAV INDIA.


2.Tata MF to launch retirement savings plan.

Domestic mutual fund industry seems to be adopting newer ways to approach investors, in an under-penetrated market. Tata Asset Management Company (AMC) plans to bring its Retirement Savings Fund this week with an aim to meet the investment need of investors in different age brackets. Early this year, Franklin Templeton AMC came up with family solutions schemes, to help investors plan their life goals, including retirement, child's future and wealth building. Sanjay Sachdev, president & CEO of Tata AMC, said, "With increasing life expectancy, the challenge is to maintain the same life style, post retirement. This fund is designed keeping in mind the young and middle aged working generation."



3.Birla Sun Life Fund files offer documents with SEBI to launch Birla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan-Series DT to Series EC.

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund filed offer document with SEBI to launch new close ended income schemes, which will be named as Birla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan-Series DT to Series EC. The New Fund Offer (NFO) price for the scheme is Rs 10 per unit, and schemes are having the time duration between 12-36 months. As per the information in the SEBI circular, the entry load is nil and the exit load charge will not be applicable.

News Source – MONEY REDIFF.


4.UTI MF declares dividend under Treasury Advantage Fund.

UTI Mutual Fund has declared dividend under dividend option of UTI Treasury Advantage Fund-Institutional Plan (open ended income scheme) on the face value of Rs 1000 per unit. The quantum of dividend will be 100% of distributable surplus as on the record date. The record date for the dividend has been fixed as October 10, 2011.

News Source – LIVE MINT.


5.How to keep in touch with your fund.

Why bother to track your mutual funds (MF) once you've invested in them? You'd think it is your fund manager's job to manage your money since he charges a fee from you for that. That's true, but at the very least you must know the names of fund houses and schemes where you have invested. That may be a given to most of us, but you'd be surprised to know that many forget where they had invested their money and many don't keep records of their investment.

Please follow the link to look at the different ways you could get out of touch with your MF investments and how to get in touch with them again.

News Source – LIVE MINT.

6.SBI Debt Fund Series – 90 Days – 50 extends NFO closing date.

SBI Mutual Fund has announced extension of NFO closing date of SBI Debt Fund Series – 90 Days – 50, a close ended debt scheme. The NFO period closing date has been extended from 5 October 2011 to 11 October 2011.



7.Reliance Fixed Horizon Fund – XX – Series 8.

Reliance Mutual Fund launched Reliance Fixed Horizon Fund – XX – Series 8, a close ended income scheme. The new issue is open for subscription from 5th October and closes on 13th October 2011.

News Source – AMFI INDIA.

Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 05-Oct-2011
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