SBI Life Insurance – Hospital Cash Plan

Good health is the most valuable asset that we have, but nowadays with increasing levels of stress, negligible physical activity and changing lifestyle our vulnerability to diseases is increasing at an alarming pace.
The cost of healthcare is rising everyday and more than the cost of your treatment, indirect costs like – hospital room rent, nursing expenses, post discharge expenses, recuperating expenses, ambulatory charges etc account for a major part of the overall cost incurred. Lack of sufficient savings or a suitable health policy may force you to compromise on the quality of medical treatment. We feel you certainly deserve better.
SBI Life – Hospital Cash is a comprehensive plan that covers not only hospitalization expenses but also other incidental costs. This plan offers you complete freedom from worries.
What is SBI Life – Hospital Cash:
This plan helps you keep your savings untouched in case of medical emergencies by paying you a fixed Daily Hospitalization Cash Benefit and an ICU benefit that is twice of daily cash benefit, irrespective of your hospital bill. This amount helps to pay for any kind of expenses incurred before, during or post hospitalization.
We care for you and your loved ones! To aid your family in crisis we provide you with Family Care Benefit feature and family discount benefit.
Key Features:
•     100% payout from day one of hospitalization without any deductible
•     Coverage of Pre-existing diseases after 2 years
•     Guaranteed coverage up to 75 years
•     Premium guarantee for 3 years
•     Enhanced sum assured and increased payouts on each policy anniversary in case
of No claim
•     Tax benefit on premium paid under sec 80 D of IT Act^.
This policy can be taken for Self /Spouse/Parents/ Parents in-law and dependent children.For children between age of 1 year-17 years to be covered at least one of the parents has to be insured under the same policy.



Minimum age at entry for the proposer on last birthday18 years
Minimum age at entryFor Dependant Child1 year
For Adult18 years
Maximum age at entryFor Dependant Child24 years
For Adult65 years for a new policy
72 years for a renewed policy
Max age at maturityFor Dependant Child27 years
For Adult75 years
Fixed Policy Term3 years

Note: All ages are as on Last Birthday

Scale of Benefits:

Sum Assured per Annum(Rs)2 Lakhs3 Lakhs4 Lakhs5 Lakhs
Daily Hospitalization Cash Benefit(Rs/day)Rs 2000Rs 3000Rs 4000Rs 5000
Daily ICU Benefit(Rs/day)Rs 4000Rs 6000Rs 8000Rs 10,000
Family Care Benefit(Rs)Rs 10,000 – Lump sum per policy year

Waiting Period:
Hospitalization due to any illness within the first 30 days from the date of commencement of the cover or date of joining for a new member in the family policy is not covered except for those arising out of accident(s) which occur during the policy period.

^Tax benefits are subject to change in tax laws.Please consult your tax advisor for details.

For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. You may download SBI Life insurance Hospital cash plan official brochure from here.

SBI Life Insurance – Hospital Cash Plan
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