11 points of Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)

Kisan vikas patra (KVP) is a very good investment purpose plan which doubles your money in eight years and seven months. It can be encashed after two and half years with the condition of interest forfeited. The features of kisan vikas patra are as follows.

1-      Kisan vikas patra is not only for kisan (farmers), anybody like individual, joint holder or minor through a guardian can purchase KISAN VIKAS PATRA.

2-      Minimum investment in kisan vikas patra is Rs. 500 and has no upper limit.

3-      Rate of interest for KVP is 8.40% compound interest annually.

4-      NRI, HUF, Companies any trust are not eligible to purchase Kisan Vikas Patra.

5-      One can take the loan from any bank or financial institution with the kisan vikas patra.

6- KVP are transferable to any post office in India as well as can transfer one person to another but before maturity.

7- One can make nomination for KVP.

8- There is no rebate for kisan vikas patra from the view of income tax as interest of KVP is taxable.

9- No TDS will deduct on KVP.

10- Duplicate patra will be issued if patra lost or stolen or by anything lost.

11- Kisan vikas patra can be purchased from the local post office with one time investment.


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