Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 08-Aug-2011


1.LIC Nomura Mutual Fund announces dividend under its three schemes.

LIC Nomura Mutual Fund has declared dividend under its three schemes, on the face value of Rs. 10 per unit. The quantum of dividend under LIC Nomura MF Bond Fund will be Rs. 0.2202 per unit for Individual / HUF and Rs 0.1888 per unit for Others. For LIC Nomura MF G Sec Fund the quantum of dividend will be Rs 0.1762 per unit for Individual / HUF and Rs 0.1510 per unit for Others. Furthermore, under LIC Nomura MF G Sec Fund PF the quantum of dividend will be Rs 0.4404 per unit for Individual / HUF and Rs 0.3775 per unit for Others. The record date for dividend distribution is 11th August 2011.



2.Entry load’s return boosts morale of MF industry.


The Securities and Exchange Board’s (Sebi) recent decision to allow a one-time transaction fee on mutual fund schemes augurs well for the Rs 7.43 lakh- crore asset management industry which is grappling with the sagging fund inflows after entry-load was scrapped in 2009. Advisory fee along with a transaction fee of Rs 100-150 is very positive move. This would at least ensure that the distributor is not incurring losses. The very fact that Sebi has taken care of the transaction fee itself is good enough for the moment. I am very excited as the step is in the right direction. This move will especially benefit the agents, Reliance Capital Asset Management CEO Sundeep Sikka told PTI.


3.Most-favoured MF equity schemes give negative returns.


Even as they beat benchmarks. With fear of a slowdown looming, a steep fall in world�s markets last week and the US being downgraded first time in seven decades, domestic retail investors have made losses in their most-favoured schemes this year. Indian investors accessing equities through the mutual fund route have been sitting on negative returns in the country�s top-ten equity schemes this year. The year-to-date (YTD) loss is in the range of 8-25 per cent.


Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 08-Aug-2011
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