Complete details of Reliance Gold Savings Fund

reliance mutual fundReliance mutual fund has just launched a unique scheme – Reliance Gold Savings Fund, wherein the money will be invested in physical gold via their existing Gold ETF. Till now, if you want to invest in Gold via electronic way, you need a demat account. But this scheme does not require any demat account. One can invest via SIP way also for as little as Rs.100 per month.

There will be no entry load. However, there will be 2% exit load if you exit before 1 year.

There are number of advantages also in buying Gold in this way.

First of all, it is 100% safe as 100% unsafe in locker. Secondly, there is no need to bargain with your local jeweler for Gold rate. There is no need of demat account also.

The complete details of this product can be downloaded from here.

There is a interesting and useful 4 page PDF document titled “Gold Physical vs MF Demystified”, which you can download from here. I suggest everyone to read this file carefully.

Then, there are number of Frequently asked questions on Gold fund, which have been answered here in very informative manner.


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