Best Indian Mutual Funds

Best Indian Mutual FundsOne of the common asked question to me is "where to invest in Mutual funds". Out of thousands of schemes, really, it's difficult to list out good funds, which will perform well in coming years.

So, today, I'm writing an article on that.

We all know there are different types of mutual funds – equity diversified, balanced fund, liquid fund, Monthly Income Plan , Tax Saving Funds etc. I'm taking top funds from each category to help every investor.

While selecting funds, I've taken many factors in mind like past performance of fund, objective of fund, AUM, expense ratio, age of the fund, consistent return, standard deviation, Beta, portfolio of fund, AMC reputation etc.

Equity Diversified Mutual Funds

The best way to create wealth either for yourself, or for your child's education or marriage or your own retirement planning, just invest in these funds. Suitable for long-term investors i.e. more than 5 years of time. You can invest lump-sum and/or invest via SIP mode also. Don't see NAV on daily basis and don't stop your investment if market is down. These schemes invest around 80%- 100% in stock market.

Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity
HDFC Top 200
DSP BlackRock Small & Mid cap Fund
IDFC Premier Equity Fund
ICICI Prudential Discovery Fund
HDFC Equity Fund
Reliance Growth Fund

Balanced Fund

If your time horizon is less than 3-5 years, you can invest in Balanced Funds as they invest around 60% in equity & balance 40% in debt.

Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Balanced
SBI Balanced Fund
HDFC Prudence Fund


These are Monthly Income Plans. They offer monthly income in the form of dividend. But remember, it's not mandatory that company will give dividend every month. Since about 20% of money will be invested in equity, it's possible that company fails to give dividend in case stock market is down like in 2008. So, if you're looking for regular monthly income, without any break, forget these mutual funds, & go for Post office MIS. Although in long term, these plans can give better returns than post office MIS.

Reliance MIP



Equity Linked Savings Scheme also invest upto 100% in equity like equity diversified fund. The only difference is that it has a lock-in period of 3 years. So, you get tax-advantage of Sec80C by investing in these schemes as per the current tax rules.

Birla Sunlife Tax Relief 96
SBI Magnum Tax Gain
HDFC Tax Saver
HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund

All of the above mentioned funds various options like Growth, Dividend-reinvest, dividend payout etc. If you're a long-term investor and your objective is to create wealth for yourself or for child's education or marriage or simply for retirement purpose, just go with Growth option.

If you've got any doubt, please feel free to ask that under comments section below.


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  1. Hi sir,i want plan to invest mutual fund in forest time,i don’t know about mutual fund. I have 25000/- rupees.invest more than five years.
    which one best mutual fund. How can choose fund.please explain.thank you.

  2. I have a Ulip plan which is purchased in 2007. policy name ICICI RP stage for Tenure of 10 years.
    My question should I continue the policy or tobe surrender?
    because I have not get any return from this policy. because return is in negitive side

    • You’ve already paid the major premium allocation charges of this plan, which are in first 3 years. Now, you will continue pay policy admin charges and mortality charges. Still, I will suggest you to surrender this policy and save that amount in bank FD @9% rate. Start investing in equity mutual funds via SIP way. I expect big correction in stock market in next 12 months. So, invest that FD amount as lump-sum amount in mutual funds at that time.

      Also, for risk cover, take online insurance policy from Aegon-religare or bharti-axa.
      Hope it will help you.

  3. i have the following MONTHLY SIPs started on march 2012…. (all growth options) – uti opportunities -1500……. hdfc mid cap -2000….. sbi emerging bussi.-1500.Canara robecca infrastr fund-3000.franklin build india-2000. reliance banking fund-2000. ALSO I HAVE DECIDED TO MAKE LUMP INVESTMENT ON MARKET DIPS IN hdfc top 200,icici focc blue chip & birla MNC fund (mid cap). i will invest for 10 to 15 years… want 15-20% returns… can take high risk. please guide if my protfolio is well diversified . will i get 15-20% returns…
    i have a confusion… is it good to have birla MNC fund(mid cap)… or should i have birla divident yield or icici discovery or some other fund… in all good funds more than 15% stocks are from BANKING… also i have a banking fund… so i selected birla MNC fund(mid cap) for diversification .. what is ur opinion… i dont want IDFC PREMIER EQUITY… because there is no provision of additional purchase more over i can have only a sip of 2000… in all my funds i have multiple sips of rs 500…. this is not possible in IDFC PREM…EQTY. …….PLEASE GUIDE ME .. is there any other suitable fund – large , mid , small cap or diversified fund which will suit my portfolio…
    also which is better for me hdfc top 200 OR icici focc blue chip … OR should i have both … please guide… i purchase gold coins so i dont need a gold fund…

    please help me … really confused about birla MNC fund(mid cap)…..

  4. I have following fund Pl advice should I go for redemption or suggest some other fund.

    1 JM Basic fund.
    2.SBI Magnum contra.
    3 BNP Parbus Mid cap.
    4 DWS Investment opportinity.
    5HDFC Prudence growth fund.
    SBI Magnun Tax gain

    All funds were more than 4 years time.