2 Advanced Calculators for Mutual Funds

Advanced Mutual Fund Calculators

We've designed 2 new calculators for all kinds of calculations in mutual funds.

1. Advanced Calculator for Mutual Funds: When a investor starts investing in mutual funds, the first question comes to mind is "How much will I get after n number of years?". Now, here we've to assume one major parameter like expected rate of return as the return of mutual funds are variable over a period of time. So, you can just choose your time period and expected rate of return and get the final value. Generally, if you've invested in equity, 15%-20% return p.a. is fair expectation. Click here to use that calculator.


2. SIP Target for Mutual Funds: The second calculator is used while financial planning. Suppose you want to lump-sum amount for your daughter's marriage (approx. 30 lacs) after 20 years. Do you know how much amount you need to invest every month to get that value? So, here is the calculator to know that monthly amount. Click here to get that calculator.


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