4 Replies to “Wrong dishonouring of cheque by foreign bank in Delhi despite sufficient funds available in account?”

  1. There may be a lot of reasons to return a cheque. First ask for the cheque and find for the following
    1.Check for the Correct date & year -2008(or 2007)
    2.Whether amount in number & words are matching
    3.Correct signature
    If these things are correct, then go to that foriegn bank and ask them the reason. Still you cant get, then take action.
    Aproach the bank ambutsman in New Delhi

  2. Well, first thing is bank is obligated to tell you the reason why your cheque bounced.

    Also, what was the duration between the time you deposited the cheque and the date of EMI? If the period was less than 4 days, then the cheque was destined to bounce because 4 days is what it takes for banks to clear the cheque.

    Still, if you want to take action, there is an ombudsman appointed by RBI with every bank, get in touch with thim, bank would provide you with his details. Most possibly, he would sort out your issue. If that doesn’t work out, then go to consumer forum. Now, if you go to consumer forum right away, then you can’t go to banking ombudsman later. Mind it!

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