7 Replies to “Would it be wise to invest in share market/mutual fund from borrowed money?”

  1. That would be really really dumb…. I can’t even explain how dumb that would be. You realize you would have to beat that 21%… and thats AFTER taxes. You’re not likely to beat that percentage with any investment. You would have to take some extreme risk to beat that… then you may lose everything. That my friend, would not be wise.

  2. Absolutely not! With that kind of an interest rate, I’m surprised that you are even considering investments. Since Rs 25000 is obviously a very small amount, why would you need to take a loan? Venture only is you are certain that you will earn dividends. There is no point if you suffer losses!

    PS: However if you can pay the loan back and only want to try your hand at shares and mutual funds, then this experience should sober you up. Proceed with caution.

  3. it is better to avoid such strategy… Shares/MF comes with volatility in market… also dont expect same/high returns in early stages of investment… Investment is an art… slowly and gradually get ur basics right and drop such devastating ideas

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