9 Replies to “With a montly premium of Rs 4000 & 15 yr term,which insurnace policy from LIC will be best for me?”

  1. Buy jeevan Saral Plan from LIC.
    You can opt for a term of 25 years. Under this plan you have a cap at higher term simultaneously you enjoy the flexibility of having lower term. ie- You can mature your policy any day of your choice within that 25 years.

    For more details ask Your Agent or you can contact me. I M In Mumbai.

  2. I do not support your view to save through insurance. You will get very less return then PPF.

    Insure yourself through term insurance & invest in PPF/mutual fund.

  3. Listen Friend..

    Then click on SIDE SHOW under “Equity Fund Score Board”
    You will see open new windows and High Return Company
    See all Return

    Listen “Dont listen who says true and False” “Just look High Return” and Enjoy your Insurance …..So many company stronger than you think…. We are not frog in well or ponds….
    Best Of Luck
    I recommamend insurance company is Max New York Life.. and other

  4. Hi Sadad

    Since you have decided to go in for insurance I would suggest you to take the JEEVAN SARAL POLICY. The maximum maturity age is 70 years and maximum term is 35 years. Since you are 37 you can take a 33 year term policy. The risk cover is 250 times of the monthly premium. So at a monthly premium of 4000 thousand you are eligible for a risk cover or 10 lacs. An equal amount of DAB is also available for Rs.50/lac.

    Thepolicy can be surrendered without any surrender charges after 5 years. After 10 years the policy can be surrendered with the benefit of all bonuses. There is an option of partial withdrawal once in year. The premium will also be reduced proportionately.

    The policy is eligible for a guaranteed maturity SA.
    If the policy holder dies during the term the nominee is paid SA+LA+premiums paid till date minus the first year premiums.

    have a nice day!!!

  5. Go for a term plan. Invest rest of the money in good instruments for returns.If you take a money back plan or ULIPs with this amount, it will be more beneficial for the agent than for you.

  6. see u r in 37 single, go for a pension plan. becos u r in high net worthy. where insurance & returns are must me at ur level. recently in LIC combination of policies are attractive and more selling. take jeevan anand or jeevan saral under retire & enjoy policies.t u can opt u r required day for pension. it does not attract IT.(becos pension is taxable) insurance & returns for 100 years. take a good decision

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