Will you invest in Aviva India bond?

The scheme is open only till October 6th.
The link to this scheme is

Will you invest in Aviva India bond?
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  1. Insurance and Banking sectors worldwide are reeling under huge credit losses. Lehman, AIG, Merill Lynch, Washington capital — all followed one by one.

    So it is better to stay out of this sector for a while under the current circumstances

  2. Aviva India is a joint venture between Aviva plc and the Dabur group with the Dabur group holding 74% in the venture. So there’s sufficient security for your money.

    Aviva India Bond protects you from the above two risks by ensuring a guaranteed rate of return at 7% p.a. And since you don’t pay any annual premium, you are protected from changes done to the service tax structure. Also Aviva India bond has a surrender value starting second year onwards ( compare this to the lock-in of 15 years for PPF ).

    Still I would not recommend Aviva India Bond to everybody. But only for those who haven’t taken an insurance policy yet. This can be their first insurance policy which gives an assured return after 10/5 years.
    During the tenure of this policy i.e. in the third or fourth year, the insured life must buy for himself a term insurance policy as per his needs,as Aviva India Bond has a reducing death benefit. Also those who would like to protect themselves against a downturn in the general interest rates can opt for this policy.

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