Will you be forced to pay for health insurance should the health reform bill pass?

My dad, who is a hardcore republican (and a kind one at that, btw), says that you’d HAVE to pay for health insurance, otherwise you get arrested, should the bill pass. I don’t know if this is true or not.

I can’t say I’m all for it, but I don’t know a lot of the pros and cons for it. Could someone also perhaps elaborate for me?

Will you be forced to pay for health insurance should the health reform bill pass?
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16 Replies to “Will you be forced to pay for health insurance should the health reform bill pass?”

  1. Yes, you would be forced to purchase form a private insurance market. The insurance companies are licking their chops right now and the democrats are the ones who are at fault for it. So much for no lobbyists in Washington.

  2. Everyone will be required to have Insurance. No one (NO ONE) will be put in jail for not having paying for Insurance, The government has other means of collecting what you owe depending on your income.

  3. Nobody will get arrested for not having health care. They will pay a penalty if they can afford it and don’t’ buy it. This is the kind of disinformation that makes it impossible to get anything done in this country.

  4. ok… there will first be a fine… to be collected by the IRS… 18000 new IRS agents to enforse this monster… You will be audited every month to make sure you have health insurance… and when you dont pay the fines the IRS will take everything you own… then you go to debtors prison… an old term that the founding fathers tossed out… but now the democrats find convientent…

  5. Not arrested until they take away your drivers license and you get nailed for driving without one. Besides, we must pay for the illegals that can’t afford healthcare. Thank a Democrat or liberal for this mess……..

    ** Page 50/section 152: The bill will provide insurance
    to all non-U.S. residents, even if they are here illegally.

  6. You do have to get healthcare. There are, however, subsidies for appx. 20 million households that cannot afford healthcare, enough that healthcare would be 3-4% of their income. Those who could pay but do not would be fined 695 per uninsured up to 2085 or 2.5% of household income.

  7. No one knows for sure what is in the bill,like Pelosi said, after it is passed you will know what is in the bill. Welcome to a socializes nation provided by the democrats and Obama.Chances are every America will be forced to have health care,and since this bill will force out insurance companies you will be forced to have care under a government run policy.

  8. it’s not quite true – he’s been watching too much Fox “news”. My husband and I already pay $350 per month for our health insurance. Those who can’t afford the insurance will get subsidies and/or tax credits – no individual will go to jail over insurance.

  9. Warning: a republican speaking

    You are goign to have to pay bigtime! Tax hikes, poor healthcare (and political propaganda) are all weaved into one with this terrifically horrible piece of garbage.

    Really, you – the asker – (I assume you are around teens or 20s) will have to be paying because when a bill costs you over a trillion (1,000,000,000,000) dollars, it takes a lot of years to pay it off. When you are older yo will be payign for it.

  10. The libs will tell you that the penllties for non-compliance are all simply the standard IRS code citings which do allow for jail time under certain circumstances. They have historically made it sound like this was simply put in the bill (and Pelosi denied it initially) as a matter of process, and that it would be removed.

    Now that it has been revealed that the IRS will administer compliance with this bill, is it still “just a matter of process” or is it beginning to dawn on everyone who it hadn’t already?

  11. That is not true. The only thing that would happen is … If you do have an accident and go to the hospital, you would have to buy insurance plus a fine for not having it. That would be cheaper, than the hospital bill would be without insurance.

  12. If you don’t get health insurance you are charged an additional tax of 2.5% of your adjusted income. The house bill states that not paying this tax will result in a minimum $25,000 fine and may result in minimum 1 year in jail. The senate version of the bill had removed the possibility of jail time. I’m not sure which version finally got passed, but that’s the information

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