will the insurance company cancel my car insurance after a DUI in VA?

i got a dui in VA, is offence, .08 bac, well i got convicted of yesterday.
i have to do a DWI Education classes and have a restricted licence to drive to work. my insurancce is still valid for a good 6 months. do i have to inform the insurance company, will i lose my insurance, do i need a sr22 or not. please advice..

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  1. I would say you would have to at least inform the insurance company.

    It may affect your premiums, but if you have an accident, then the first thing they will do is check your history and if they see it, then they may declare your policy null and void.

    Basically insurance companies love it when people don’t tell them things as it gives them the perfect excuse to keep taking premiums and then not pay out if you make a claim.

    It is far better to tell them and know for sure, then to take the risk as if you have an accident and your insurance company declares your policy void then you are the one who is personally liable.

  2. Hope so, I think drunk driving should really just be charged as 1000 counts of attempted murder,,, to the other drivers and passengers on the road. Drunk drivers sicken me.

  3. Depends on your insurance company.

    If it is State Farm, Erie, Travlers they will probably drop you for a DUI.

    If it is Progressive, Geico, or Safe Auto your insurance premiums will probably increase a lot.

    As of the sr22:
    Financial Responsibility Certifications
    SR-22/SR26 Financial Responsibility Certification

    SR-22 certification is required for the following convictions
    -Unsatisfied judgements
    -Driver license suspension as a result of a conviction for:
    -Voluntary or involuntary manslaughter resulting from the operation of a motor vehicle.
    -Perjury, making a false affidavit to DMV regarding the registration of motor vehicles, or making a false statement on any driver’s license application.
    -Any crime punishable as a felony under the motor vehicle law or any felony in the commission of which a motor vehicle is used.
    -Failure of a driver of a motor vehicle, involved in an accident resulting in death or injury to another person, to stop and disclose his identity at the scene of the accident.
    -Operating or permitting the operation, for a second time, of a passenger automobile for transportation of passengers for rent or for hire, without a license.
    -Uninsured motor vehicle suspension
    SR-22 liability insurance coverage limits are:
    Bodily injury/death of one person $25,000
    Bodily injury/death of two or more persons $50,000
    Property damage $20,000

  4. You will be put on SR22. The cost will be outrageous. Basically your name is put in a hat and the unlucky company that draws your name has to insure you. Otherwise no insurance company would touch you.

  5. I would not inform your insurance company of the violation. Many companies only randomly check your license. But, don’t switch insurance companies either, or you’re out of luck! If they do find it, they’ll let you know, and they do have to give you 30 days notice before they cancel you.

  6. it all depends on your insurance company’s standards (rules &
    regulations) if it’s a preferred company they will probably cancel your policy, if it’s a standard company they will increase your rate anywhere from 3 to 7 yrs, as long as you have insurance you don’t need SR-22
    good luck

  7. I personally would not inform the insurance co. It will make no difference one way or the other and at least you’re covered for 6 more months, unless they have a flagging system. It does depend on the insurance co. You may have to go high risk for a period of time. Check around when and if the time comes, some high risk groups have relatively good rates. As far as drunk driving, it’s a big revenue garnering crime (helped along by MADD), there are kickbacks everywhere. Only 5% of all fatal accidents are caused by drunk drivers. I think it’s time to start crimnalizing reckless, cell phone/texters and road rage offenders. They kill more people than drunk drivers. Take away their licenses and impose criminal penalties. I don’t live in an sr22 state, so I don’t know about that one.

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