Will Sensex sustain at 13000 or will it fall further ????


i am a new investor in the indian stock market. I have taken the delivery of JP associate at 254 before 2 months. now the market canditions are very bad. Will recover my loss in next 2 or 4 months.

Please advise. I also want to know will the sensex sustain at 13000 or will it fall futher down to 10000 points…. Can it be possible.

Should i stay in or out of the stock market. New to market….. I dont know what is the weather coniditions…

Please Adivse.

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  1. get out now!!! globally the markets will tank. if you take my advice, you will thank me. i don’t need the best answer, just take the advice.

  2. The markets are in for some troublesome times. If you get any chance to exit, dont rethink. Sensex may fall further below, but may not be able to breach 12,023 level. Certainly not a time for averaging or buying. I think there is more pain left.

  3. My personnel opinion the Sensex will trail in between 11000-12000
    By Oct , Nov 08 i expect to be normal (i.e 18000-19500)
    Staying in market or coming out is in u r hand as i am not Finance adviser.

  4. As a investment advisor i will try to answer ur queston. rate it accordingly.

    The mantra to profit in share market is patience.
    You have to wait for sometime atleast.
    There is no need to stay out of the market.

    And the first point i want to tell u is understand one thing.. that is there are basic rules for investing. u need to know it and act upon it accordingly.

    And the second thing is about the markets.
    The crash on the line is going to continue. but it was not started now a days… it started long ago before 6 months.

    Through the tecnical analysis it has to correct to around 11000 to 11500 levels. because the chart (Elliot waves method) says 50% retracement is possible in every eight years. 2008 is the starting. after this correction market will take u turn and will go to 24000 in june 2009. there is no need to panic now. just be patient and stay invested. dont take out ur money in loss. u will feel upset when u see the markets in 24000 next year.

    About ur stock… its not that all bad stock… its a very speculative stock. but if u wait for one year it will get appriciated. charts give the targets of 300 to 325 in one year. so no need to worry. sit…wait.. and enjoy the fruits after some time….

    if u want more advise on all ur investments write to me… my id is [email protected]

  5. Your stock holding in JP Associates and its subsequent price/volume action and its direction is not depended on whether the sensex sustains 13,000 points or falls below it. The sensex at best is indicative of the expected market action across 30 select stocks. A list of which you may obtain from the BSE website.

    As you have purchased your stock position at a higher price level; you as an investor are required to wait till it gains in value to a level beyond your purchase price. At this point you would be called upon to make a decision whether you should continue holding it for further price appreciation or sell it then.

    In the present stock market conditions everyone who is holding stock is holding it at a present price lower than their earlier purchase prices. However, none of these investors is selling at this stage. They are expected to take the sell decision at a later date at better price levels which would result in selling pressure at higher price levels also known as resistance.

    So stay put and hold your position till it reaches a level at which you can sell it.

    Happy investing,


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