Will my father get pension?

My father worked in a private company from january 1992 to march 2004.Money was deducted from his salary every month for pension.Now after 5 years the company says that he is not eligible to get pension.Is the company right?What should he do now?

Will my father get pension?
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  1. are you confusing the deduction towards provident fund. he should get his provident fund as private company employee he is not entitled to pension. Provident fud dues are statutory and he is supposed to get from pF commoners office.He need to fill up the form and submit to the employer who will send it to PF office and he will get his PF dues directly by bank transfer

  2. He needs to check the company policy. One thing he needs to check is if there is a “vesting period and if so, how long. If he paid into the fund he should be entitled to his portion of the $ that was deducted.

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