6 Replies to “will mutual funds give 14% returns in 15 months of time?”

  1. mutual fund are subject to market risk, hence no body can give you a guarentee. to a max you can find capital protection fund but they got a 3 years lockin.

    the return what you are looking for should not be a problem, invest in form of SIP

    Happy investing

  2. There are no guarenteed returns with mutual funds. In fact Indian mutual funds have not been doing too well lately. Many of the best performing mutual funds are down about 35% ytd. It might be a good time to get on board. Tata Infastructure is down 35% but over 3 years is actually up 31% annually. It is just one example.

  3. No any MF gives guarantee for returns.
    you can have 14% return but you have to replace months by years in your question, past shows return over 15% for 15 years.

    enjoy stay invested for long term……..

  4. It is very rare for a MF to give such a lucrative return.

    But your investment in Stocks can earn you 14 – 20% returns within a short duration of time. But be careful as the markets are very volatile these days.

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