3 Replies to “Will i be able to receive credit card?”

  1. If your age limit permits the Credit card issuing authority and you can fulfill the other requirement of having a credit card, then you may hold it. You should better contact the bank.

  2. You can request Union Bank to issue you a credit card. But it is strongly advisable not to have one untill you are sure of having one as one tends to spend more than he should . Credit Card interest rates are high on unpaid amounts & you are young to start with Debt management.

  3. hi dear
    if u r student than bank will not issue credit card onto you name unless u have some collateral deposit(like FD or RD etc) with your bank. because bank offer credit card either based on your income or on the behalf of any security which they mark lien(means u can’t withdrawn you secured amount without permission of bank).
    so if you want to have card onto your name just take open a FD with bank and most of bank offer 90% credit limit card of FD instantly.
    go to bank and have it
    good luck

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