Will I be able to get the home loan from gov bank for reconstruction of house?

I am an Indian. I live in Bopal, outskirts of Ahmedabad, India. The house is in father’s and mother’s joint name.My parents are alive & are dependent on me as I am the earning member in house. I am the only son & my sister is married. I want to reconstruct my house by taking home loan. Do I need to pay stamp duty on document to get the home loan from gov bank? What shall I do so that I can get Home Loan from Gov. bank?

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  1. yes certainly you can get home loan for reconstruction.

    Since your parents are the present owners, you have to get the property transferred to your name for availing home loan.

    It is simple documentation only. They will have to settle it to you by a deed of settlement.

    The maximum cost for such transfer here in Tamil Nadu is restricted to Rs.12,000/- You will have to check it up in your region.

    By this you get the title in your favour. Now you can obtain the proposed construction sanction plan from local municipality and approach any nationalised bank. It will be approved subject to your eligibility.

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