3 Replies to “why there is a necessity of two stock exchanges- BSE and NSE?”

  1. hmm..If i tell u whats the use of two vegetable market in a city what would u answer…..Its the same concept there are two markets the NSE and BSE where investors can buy or sell the stock.

    I hope i had answered ur question

  2. I don’t know as we need BSE & NSE, but given that British companies tend to be in that country & NYSE companies tend to be in the u.s. Wouldn’t it make sense for the british & the americans to have their own stock exchanges?? I suppose these could be consolidated, but with the differences in the british pound, and in the u.s. dollar, I would imagine that the obstacles would be difficult to overcome.

    What’s the problem with having 2 stock exchanges??

  3. AIG was be a best stock to invest if you plan to invest for a long term, because AIG is too big to fail and beside AIG no longer need government bailout money. if you invest in AIG are now you returning profit is 10-30 times in 3-5 years.

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