3 Replies to “Why the slide (fall) of rupee is not discussed? Is it beneficial to many? Economists have nothing to say about?”

  1. I would guess that you have never heard from an economist, only from news readers. News readers say what they are told to say. Their job is to look well groomed and to sound like they know something even when they don’t. What they are told to say is tailored to what the sponsors want said, and that train of logic leads to financiers. Financiers don’t want you to understand their business. Did you ever wonder why banks are the only businesses that don’t hold seminars to teach people how to use their services? It’s because bankers don’t need people to know anything, they prefer to keep them ignorant. You have to get your news from some other source to get reliable information. Go to http://mises.org/ read the free essays, buy some books, sign up for daily emails, maybe take a class.

    Another good place for news: http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials.html

  2. It is discussed by serious media. You’re just not reading it.

    Fall of local currency is beneficial for export-oriented businesses. China is frequently blamed for keeping its currency low so they can export more.

  3. currency valuation is a tricky issue…. maybe GOI knows present fall is to their benefit. There wa suggestions/talk of selling dollars in reserve…but what they actually did was bought gold.

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