Why online vendors dont allow me to pay using my debit card ?

Whenever I try to make an online purchase, I cant use my debit card to make the payment. But I can use my debit card at all retail outlets where credit cards are accepted. Why am I not able to use my debit card only for online purchases?

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  1. because you may or may not have balance amount on that…
    and if it is a fake vendor then it will be easy for them too take the amount easily from credit account(if u dont have enough balance in debit)

  2. Yes, at the moment no online vendor allows shopping thru debit card but if u have internet banking facility & u have ur user name & the i-pin to login to ur bank account, then u can use the same to shop online & pay directly from ur account without using ur credit card or debit card. When u opt for the online banking payment option after ur purchase, it will redirect u to ur bank’s login page & u have to login using ur puser name & password (i-pin) & make the payment. After confirmation it’ll automatically redirect u to the shopping site’s page & ur payment will be done directly from ur bank. Its one of the hassle free ways of online shopping i’d say. No risk of ur credit card info being misused or no risks of getting cheated.

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