Why government of India is silent and they are not exposing list of account holders in swiss banks?

It seems even Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi etc. etc. are also holdiung accounts and we can say that some people from BJP are also in and that is the reason when BJP was in power they did not disclose the list nor they ever tried to bring back that money to Indian banks.

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  1. The Problem is that : If Govt. declares their names, then their life will be in danger……….

    But, the Govt. is not taking any step to bring the Money back to India……..That’s the big problem…….

  2. … because many of the wealthy and powerful (including senior politicians) in India possess those secret bank accounts. According to the U.N. India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world!

  3. Where are the lists of politicians and the rich and powerful in the USA who have swiss bank accounts? They are also corrupt and think by using cheap labor and selling to those who don’t that it will keep working out well for them.
    There is getting less and less people who can afford to buy their products and so they have to come down on the price they charge to sell those products. And economics’s analysis stated if it was made in the USA and they paid them fair wages, they would not only sell more products but at a higher price so the idea of cheap labor and making more money by using it is a house of cards that will eventually come down.

  4. Unfortunately India is not alone in the world when it comes to corruption. Transparency International does a rating each year and India is way down the list but not the worst by any means. However for Indian to become a true economic power the corruption needs to be stamped out. It is good that you highlight these issues as if people remain silent the corruption will keep going on.

  5. They also have certain limitations a panic cant be created as this will caz a lot of harm to India as the country so there are certain things which forces any leader to take decisions on such matters silently and in a planned way

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