7 Replies to “Why gold coins sold by the banks are more expensive than gold rates in the market?”

  1. dont buy it from them, there are many reliable and established players in the Jewellry market, take it from them.

  2. Purity of Gold is more than the normal gold, so gold coins of banks are more expensive than gold rates in the market.

  3. Haven’t you realised banks are institutional crooks? Find a good coin dealer who quotes a two way price (buys and sells). This shouldn’t be too wide but obviously everyone has to make money.

  4. Gold is something that is precious in whatever form that it takes. The metal is basically found as ore and can be dealt with easily by being treated on heat and purified by filtration. I even came up with the fact that even the dust around gold merchants’ working areas is sold in high price as people extract small quantities of gold from them as well.
    The carat measurement is a comparative unit consisting of 24 slots. This means that gold can be a maximum of 24 carat that means absolutely pure gold with no impurity and no alloy formation. This type of gold is soft therefore impurities are added to make it strong and durable. The durability of gold makes it capable of resisting pressures that pure gold cannot.

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