Why doesnt sachin tendulkar give money to the starving and begging kids on mumbai railway station?

Is he and other indian cricketers interested only making money for themselves. Dont they owe to their fellow countrymen who are starving and some of em cheer them whole heartedly.

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  1. The Govt has appointed the Registrar of Co-operative Societies to handle society related issues. You have to follow the legal procedures and appeal to them, to resolve such issues. Seizing property for any reasons, without legal procedures, could be considered an act of Goondaism and hence criminal from a legal point of view.

  2. Yes, it is possible.

    It has happened in case of a Lok Group project in Mulund, Mumbai.

    The members took over the completion of the project from the Lok Group, as it was in a financial crisis.

    But it is not easy.


  3. tendulkar is a well known cricketer and everybody is impress by his cricketing ability but the point which you have raised is something different and his popularity is something different. You can’t force him to do a specific social work. He is at his liberty to decides what to do and what not to do. Your remark is nothing but cheap way to harm a individual’s character. The problem of teen age homeless boys belongs to entire society and it is the society and government who should address it.

    IT’S JUST LIKE “why can’t all these income from IPLs go to the indian poor than the international rich(THE CRICKETERS)????????

  5. wat abt u?…wat ru doin to help them out..y blame cricketers…arent v as a society responsible for begging and starving kids..

  6. Hello my Friend!!
    Nowadays most of the people don’t rate a person by his character but by his skill.
    So thats why many famous personalities like Sachin,Anil Ambani ,and so on.. who want to have a good name just develop their skills and dont want to do anything for people around them..
    One more thing is if one gets excess of money one would like to spend it on himself rather than others…
    Thats the REASON…

  7. because……………. the small ones are forced to work may be by their parents or some one else so SACHIN does not want to encourage them.

  8. Please ask any of our rich politician instead of asking Tendulkar.Earlier Tendulkar played many Charity Matches And do you really prove Tendulkar does not help poor or incapacitated people?.The real cause is people and politicians.Politicians do not want to solve any problem like you have posed.Because any problem should always circulate.People are very generous in giving money instead of discouraging.They can rehabilitate these kids.Our politicians beg for Votes.Our kids beg in streets.

  9. Because there are so many beggers, and if the rich people keep on giving them money, then they would be wasting their money for no reason. And their is no point of that.

    — Dancing Queen

  10. Its not abt selfishness dear…the beggin situation is bad in india…kids beg not coz they hav nthng 2 eat, but coz they are forcd to.

    there are many ngo’s in india willing to take care of these kids but they dnt go there coz they knw there masters wud hurt them .

    and as for the elders, most of them want money for booze.
    its not just my opinion, the govt has banned begging too, but no one listens…

    and sachin tendulkar is an aware citizen so he knows this law.

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