5 Replies to “why doesn’t any indian mutual fund has petronet lng in its portfolio?”

  1. Petronet LNG doesn;t have anything fundamentally that looks very attractive for any of the fund managers. Only because it is a favourite of traders, it has got so much attention in these days. Other major players in the same segment are trading at a good valuation and also are fundamentally very encouraging.

  2. PETRONET LNG is owned by following funds

    Fund Name % Net Asset
    Escorts High Yield Equity 3.80
    Escorts Balanced 2.18
    Standard Chartered Arbitrage 1.99
    Standard Chartered Arbitrage Inst. 1.99
    ING Tax Savings 1.93
    ING Midcap 1.87
    Escorts Tax Plan 1.82
    Escorts Opportunities 1.28
    Standard Chartered FM Arbitrage Sr.I Plan A 1.27
    Canara Robeco Balance II 1.11
    Canara Robeco Multicap 1.06
    LICMF India Vision 0.92
    JM Arbitrage Advantage 0.87
    ICICI Prudential Blended Plan A 0.87
    HDFC Arbitrage Retail 0.60
    HDFC Arbitrage Wholesale 0.60
    LICMF Growth 0.56
    SBI Arbitrage Opportunities 0.27
    Magnum Global 0.26
    Kotak Equity Arbitrage 0.19

    So correct your database. check the source yourself

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