Why do we have to pay taxes to government?

What benefits do we get when we pay substantial amount of taxes to government in India? How does countries like Dubai survive even if they have no tax system in place and still have far superior quality of road transport, metros, airports and far superior then us in almost all areas?
What I want to know is that what benefits do I get by paying taxes to government?

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  1. aa….well the taxes are meant for country’s development but In India they’re meant for corruption and filling pockets of the corrupt ministers like in common WEALTH games…

  2. dubai with population of 25000 people and government will pay for their citizen. please don’t compare dubai. better you can go to china. india had mostly uneducated people, india is growing with educated people slowly. mostly india had uneducated politician so government is not well. 20 % rich ,40 % middle class and 40 % poor people. i know lot of probe and corruption but india had no recession forever. i know very well status of Dubai,Dubai sheik sale his property to abudhabi king Sheik Kalifa. India is very big and with different religion,people,cultures so it will take more time to be united for growth. if you don’t pay tax government will force for money from public.you paying according to your salary. people in india also mad so we can’t blame only politician. every one throwing waste paper everywhere and selfish ,you will think about our family alone but not our country. you and your family is one part of india so if you blame your nation that is like blaming your family. try to do something for your nation don’t blame india did’nt do anything for you. you know one thing you are the first person blaming about own country in yahoo answers. for dubai that 25000 people can sit together and they can solve their problem but in india 110 crores people can sit together ? . what happend to super country america? lot of bank going to close and so many jobless and in europe money recession, dubai already no vacant , singapore now concentrating in tourism, australia growing poverty. UK doors closed for foreigners. in world india and china, japan, Germany is booming now. one day your country will stand with fame in world wait and see

  3. You want to know what benefits you gain by paying taxes. How much tax have you paid so far. How would you like if you are to buy your cooking gas at Rs. 750 per cylinder (without the corrupt govt. subsidising it). How would you like driving your car on a mud road (without your corrupt govt. building roads). How would you like fending with thieves or criminals yourself (without your govt. providing you with a police force).

    Obviously you want it all but will not pay a few hundred rupees for the service. And if the govt. prints more money to pay for this, the inflation it will cause will have you typing another question in this forum.

  4. Well, a normal person is not paying only Income Tax. Below are the list of taxes which a person pays

    – Income Tax
    – Professional Tax
    – Sales Tax
    – VAT
    – Octroi
    – Service Tax
    – Wealth Tax
    – Property Tax
    – Water Tax
    – Road Tax (While getting a car registered)
    – Entertainment Tax (Theater Tickets and other entertainment related services)
    – Luxury Tax (Hotel Bills)
    – Stamp Duty (While getting house transferred / agreements registered)
    – Import Duty
    – Excise Duty

    One pays taxes when he spends money or gains money. The amount of taxes paid by a family of four earning members does not justify the subsidized cooking gas, ok quality roads as roads are still having pot holes, new roads like Sea Link in Mumbai has toll naka on it and if you drive from one city to another city you still have to pay several tolls in between or police service provided by government.

    Are this the only benefits one gets by paying taxes?

    – Subsidized Cooking Gas
    – Basic Roads
    – Police / Army Protection

    Needless to say the government hospitals and government schools are of no use to a person having some standards for himself.

    Any more suggestions on benefits of taxes being paid?

    Any ideas on what benefits are provided in countries like China / US / UK / Canada ?

  5. Instead of asking this question see what you can do . We people only crib and do nothing at all .

    Unless we stand up and ask , it don’t think we can make a difference.

  6. Well the common answer which everyone is having is –

    “See what you can do for the country, rather then asking what country has done for you!”

    Shocked to discover that nobody on Yahoo answer is having a satisfactory answer to this question. The entire nation blindly follows something without understanding the real purpose of following.

  7. I agree there’s no taxes in Dubai, but the expenses over here are such that you get killed by it.

    For ex- you can get away with paying Rs.50 in India to a Corrupted Officer if you break a Red Signal. While in Dubai, you have to pay Aed. 500 (Rs. 6500) for the same. The minimum BEST bus fare in India would be RS.2 and the maximum might be Rs.80. But in Dubai, the minimum is Aed.2.3 (Rs. 30)

    So, its like you see a Glass filled with half water as Glass is half filled and we see as the Glass is half empty. While both mean the same. We all feel that everyone are more happy than us, but its just the good side of it what you see in them.

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