Why cant sensex hit 21000 in 2009?

i mean if risk reward come back into market isnt is possible

Why cant sensex hit 21000 in 2009?
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3 Replies to “Why cant sensex hit 21000 in 2009?”

  1. sesex is in bearish mode as the economy globally is in bad shape and till the econmy does not improve the corporate prdformance will be bad resulting in lacklustre stock market. the chances of improvement is not in 2009 but may start in mid 2010 but 21000 will be revisited not at least in another 5 years

  2. It will never go upto 21000
    definitely, it will come down upto 5000-6000 in next 6-9 months and than it will be in the range upto 12000-15000 only

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