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  1. Because whilst there are dozens of brokerages, there are thousands & thousands & thousands of public companies, and if they ALL had to hire extra people to act as “in-house” brokers to manage their securities, most of them would go out of business!

  2. it is a rule framed to rule out any fraudulent sale purchase shares of that company. it is only to save investors from exploitation.

  3. I think you are looking for whats called DRIPS.
    There are many companies that you can go with. (DIVIDEND REINVESTMENT PLANS)

  4. You can buy stocks directly from companies in Primary Market through Initial Public Offering (IPO) only.

    Once IPO period closed, you can buy only through Secondary Markets i.e., Stock Exchanges.

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  5. it is a laborious work first book contract then veify the identity and receipt of money in time then delivery of the scripts to the right owner and maintain records etc etc .
    but in mutual fund the purpose it self is such work where in companies their primary work is to produce market and sale it for profit