2 Replies to “Why BSE changes 3 times in comparison to NSE ?”

  1. Dude its simple math !
    Today Indian market closed 0.62% down.

    On NIFTY it comes to 33 pts. 0.62% of 5450
    On Sensex it about 116 pts. 0.64% of 18170

    There is always slight difference in the % wise fall because of the number of constituents are different. In both the indices



  2. today on 16th august closing: sensex 18050, lower by 116 points or 0.7%, and the Nifty ended at 5418, down 33 points.
    nifty is bench mark index of 50 listed selected companies of nse.
    sensex is bench mark index of 30 listed selected companies of bse.
    most of the 30 companies of bse are in list of 50 nse companies.
    both exchange are different with different list of companies and starting dates.
    since the bse index is higher more than 3 times than nse,it rates change up or down about three times.

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