why are there no holidays( public holidays/pension for a house maker(house wife)?

is she a free taken for granted all time help, 24X7 all 365 days?

i know that this may nt be so in every household. i am sure in many families the other members do help and are concerned about her…

but sadly in majority of homes she doesn’t get leaves/holidays and retirement benefits either?

it is worse in career women who play a multi tasker? in spite of hired helps she is the one who works maximum in a family?

are we taking advantage of her love for the family and she slogs for her family members?( i know she may not mind it bcz of her love) but doesn’t she need some break…from all this domestic drudgery?

why doesn’t govt provide house wife’s pension/benefits??? being a home maker is a busy profession too?
@dove: one mothers’ day out of 365 days? is tht enough?

then there is one fathers’ day too???

btw i am no member of any women’s liberation! 🙂
@ brendan : the scenario varies as per the country/culture..so u cant generalize saying that no one is forcing her to be a home maker…in some countries women are forced to be so!
thnx for the response.

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  1. there is mothers day im not saying it is enough but you have to draw the line somewhere i mean you could have public holidays for many reasons i dont think you get a public holiday just for going to work do you and it is up to the homemaker to be a homemaker or to take on the sole responsibility of caring for the home. other option is everybody in the family share the responsibility. and in a lot of cultures it is accepted for the woman to do it but most of them are happy with that

  2. No one is forcing her to be a housewife. She can live any lifestyle she chooses.

    The government doesn’t provide them pensions or benefits because they’re not working for the government or a company. They are merely cleaning their own dirty homes and cooking for their hungry selves.

  3. You don’t know what its like to work a real job, do ya? Taking care of your own home is a holiday comparatively.

    Oh no, maybe a couple hours of cleaning/cooking a day. Compared to dealing with traffic and working full time, that’s nothing. And if there are kids in the family, she actually gets to spend time with them without having to deal with traffic and work for 9-10 hours beforehand. Watching talk shows and other day time TV after throwing a batch of laundry in the wash must be horrible…. yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. A housewife is a housewife by choice. She can go get a job if she wants with theses benefits. The job that I work now has no sick leave, vacation time, or retirement. It all has to do with the type of job you choose what the pros and cons are. Our government doesn’t have the money to pay its bills, why would it have money to pay someone to stay home and clean, cook, take care of their kids by choice? And I say this while I hope that when I get married I won’t have to work. Because none of this sounds like drudgery to me.

  5. A housewife has a holiday EVERY day. If she is a SAHM, it was her choice to have a baby. So, if a working mom has a holiday from her job, she still has household duties to accomplish on her “day off.”

  6. I create my own. Every Friday I don’t cook; they got to scrounge for whatever I have in the house or refrigerator. Once I took a week off just to write. Sometimes; I make up something to celebrate, such as, “Me Day”; you want you got to create it.
    How about you and your husband discuss this idea and work it out between yourselves; I know one thing the government won’t fund it.

  7. You talk as if the woman was forced into this lifestyle. SHE CHOSE IT! No one is taking advantage of someone who chooses to be a stay at home mom. If you think about it, women who work don’t have holidays either. True, I don’t have to work that day, but I get to stay home and care for children and cook and clean. Not exactly a vacation. The government shouldn’t provide benefits because they didn’t tell her to have those kids or not work!

  8. This is a serious issue, especially in the eastern cultures where the lady of the house is automatically supposed to be the home-maker as well. The problem has become more acute these days since due to the desire for more financial resources, the lady is also required to work outside for salary and yet she remains the one responsible for home affairs too. It is true that only rarely do they revolt against such injustice and oppression simply because they feel they are doing it for the sake their own beloved family.
    Nevertheless, the male partner should realize this and take adequate steps and initiatives for necessary relief to her every once in a while…. either through holiday tours or daily sharing of house chores or even a routine of a weekly outing…. an understanding and empathetic husband will ensure that she is never allowed to feel too burdened or oppressed.
    Yet, those are just pseudo answers for the key issue which is crass materialism…. isn’t it equally true that even husbands these days do 24/7 kind of duties or additional spare time jobs etc. in order to earn more money even at the cost of spoiling health and also due attention and cover for the family affairs that they are duty bound as head of the family?…. and even children are burdened with heavy education and extra-curricular schedules. Nothing has affected the quality of our life more than this unbridled pursuit of materialistic gains!!

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