why are senior citizens given tax benefits?

the senior citizens may need compassion, respect and physical help. but they are not financially weak. then there appears no basis for giving them benefit in income tax and railway fare.

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  1. Many are living on a fixed income of social security benefits. It’s hard to survive and afford the basic necessities of life on a fixed income. They need all the help they can get to get by financially.

  2. My dear, I think you are loosing compassion for Old Age.

    The major population of aged seniors are retired and are not earning. They are dependent upon there children and pension. The governements act of providing benefits for the seniors reflects our rich and puposeful heritage of respecting and caring our aged ones. So Cheers for that !!!

  3. definatly they are not weak, but by giving benefit , that will be respect to elders, in fact senior has to get fully excemption from tax and get free railway fare.

  4. coz as a society , tats the elast we do to take care of our elders! infact we shud be extending the social security net to cover all the senior citizens , enabling them to lead an independent and dignified life till they breathe a satisfying last breath

  5. because senior citizens receive very less amount as salary which is only sufficient to fulfil their bread and butter and they cant bear the burden of additional tax charges

  6. After paying taxes for so many years, the Senior Citizens should stop paying after some age ( in India it is 60 for some benefit and in the I.Tax laws it is 65 …!!)

    By that time, younger like me and you start filling the Tax coffers as new entrants.
    For the Govt. it is thus balanced.

    Other reasons :-
    – They depend on Fixed Income – Interest and dividend
    – They depend on Pension in some cases
    – Their medical bill start increasing
    – Some expenses like cost of transportation etc.increase
    – Their spouse and in some cases, children and grand-children become burden without a regular salary

    ( Don’t hurt the seniors – mere respect may not bring bread and butter for them, remember once they were contributing )

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