9 Replies to “Who is the best online broker with less brokerage and good services ? Please share your experience…?”

  1. If you are a capable & knowledgeable trader, and do not need personal support, try the relatively new iZone brokerage from Ameritrade.

    For $ 5 a trade, it’s good value. And you get quite a bit of stuff – research reports, charts, realtime tools, etc.

    The only thing you do NOT get is human support. That may be OK if you do not need it.

  2. Rohit,

    I am really bored by answering this question multiple times. for your information, I am again writing the same here. Please go through that. You will get an excellent idea about what want to do to open an online account with a best broker.

    The criteria to select an online trading account is basically on some factors:

    1. The cost of opening and maintaining the accounts.
    2. The brokerage and commission for each buy and sell
    3. Customer service clarity
    4. Special features like off-line order posting, information on funds, access to the buy/sell account etc..
    5. Bank account linking facilities… I mean number of approved banks you can link those account with this trading AC
    6. Speed of the portal

    The above details are vary upon broker to broker.

    If you really like to open and account with a good broker, you have only option to find out who all are the broking firm in your area and ask the above information from them. Analyze the same and have a good decision based on the analysis.

    Below are some famous brokers for your information but this is not limited too..

    1. Reliance Money
    2. ICICI Direct
    3. India Bulls securities
    4. UTI Securitis
    5. Emkay
    6. Motilal Oswal
    7. Geojit
    8. Anand Rathi Securities
    9. IL & LS investsmart
    10. Religare

    It is better to do a research yourself to find out a best company to start your account with. If you ask to 100 people, certainly you will get 100 different answers and that will confuse you more.

    Make the self research as a practice to your life. If you are not able to do something, then only go to the well knowledgeable and experienced advisor’s.

    So, That’s all. Best wishes and thanks for the good question…. take care and go ahead with a good one which selected by yourself by spending little time to collect all required data to analyze.

    Best wishes

  3. Firstrade is my favorite. Trades are $ 6.95 and you can get actual help if you need it (for a fee of course). I’ve never not gottent the trade price I wanted, and market orders are executed almost instantly.

    Very good company, not a lot of people have heard about it, but it is usually rated among the best for the price.

  4. well i use icicidirect and kotak securities but the best one is icici in terms of service but they charge the highest brokerage in the market so i would suggest kotak for low brokerage….

  5. In the United States mostly all brokerage firms provide their clients with on-line services, including trading platforms, latest market & financial news and research.

    Customer need to select the site that is best for them. Traders have requirements in a site, while investors have other requirements.

    Although most sites are geared to general securities and commodities, however customers may have special needs for the types of products they trade, and the markets in which they trade.

    It seems that the most popular firms for on-line investing all of which provide excellent platforms and services are; Scottrade; Chas.Schwab; TDAmeritrade; Fidelity; E-Trade and Thinkorswim.

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