who are the legal heirs for a hereditary property?

ours is a joint family my husbands grandfathers property is being shared between his legal heirs. Grandfather has 6 sons and three daughters. where only two sons are alive and even they dont have children among the 6 sons only my father in law has 3 children (1daughter and 2 sons). Does the 3 daughters of grandfather come under legal heirs or do the children of these 3 daughters also come under legal heirs please advice.

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  1. This is a tough tough joint family problem. It can not b solved easily if it creates legal problems. Though i would suggest u to try to have some amicable solution, with proper discussions amongst your closest family members. Hereditary property is a big issue, u may have some consultations with some very well experienced legal practitioner also. But I prefer to have some amicable solution, first u should have a cool discussion with your husband about the issue, he also have concerns about d issue. Try to find out a solution, if necessary then only u may try to have some consultations and advices from legal practitioner.

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