2 Replies to “which ulip plan are worth for long term investing,i am 28 yrs old and wish to invest on quarterly basis.?”

  1. Hi ! your vision is very clear, that you want to invest for long term. Now Just you need to find right person to guide you . What you can do is Select any advisor to your vicinity from a website named http://www.apnaadvisor.com , so that from different companies you can compare the plans available in Market.

    There is vast list of managers and Advisors on ApnaAdvisor.com. so it can be helpful for buyers like you. I must say its really helpful for you.

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  2. ULIP’s have high cost associated with them.

    It ‘s better you buy term insurance for yourself and invest the rest amount in Mutual fund + FD+ Post Office + PPF

    This formula will take care of risk + return

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