7 Replies to “which type of mutual fund scheme gives max return ?”

  1. Nothing stays down or up forever. Some mutual funds
    can deliver great returns for a long time, but others come
    along that do better. The market moves in cycles up and
    down. You have to be lucky to get on board at the right
    time. Check out these funds, (BRUCE and FAIRHOLME)

  2. There is no straight forward answer to this question. One needs to take more risk for getting better returns. In upswings of market (equity), equity funds can give good returns or can give maximum returns when they are compared to other class of mutual fund investment.

    But in doomsday, you can loose your capital also.

    Now, its you who will decide what is your requirementgoal for investing. If it is maximum returns with 100%+100%-, then go for equity funds. And if is securing your capital, then liquid funds should be your choice.

    Now equity funds have categories like diversified equity fund, mid cap, large cap, small cap, thematic, sector specific fund, international fund and so on……………Again you have to judge your risk appetite and have to look your time holding period.

    can be written number of pages while answering this question.

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  3. It must be 100% equity. It must have a good record. I had good returns from Reliance Banking, Sundaram BNP Select and, SBI Magum Profit plus. HDFC 200 is also good.

    Your broker will have papers for each fund. There the returns given by the funds in last year, last 3 years, etc. will be given. Based on this, you can choose. The above funds have given good returns even in a slump market like, 2009-10.

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