5 Replies to “Which type of insurance is the best for a family insurance and Child insurance in India?”

  1. Looking into the present bear face in the market it’s not advisable to have unit linked insurance instead opt for endowment schemes of LIFE INSURANCE CORP. OF INDIA, because this is govt. co. and has VERY GOOD TRACK RECORD OF BONUS AND PAYOUT.
    for family you dsecide your family needs accordingly go for term insurance. if husband wife both are working then go for jeevan surbhi which islimited premium paying terms with subsequents add up in life risks. for children child career fund and future both policies are good. in my opinion present situation demands policy like JEEVAN SARAL and JEEVAN TARANG are worth to consider.

  2. you want to insure your life & want the child & family to be nominee.

    If this is the case, term insurance is best for you. please note here that term insurance is the basic low cost insurance without any return. For saving corpus for your retirement needs & childs education, save through investment in mutual funds & other bank instruments.

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