Which Term insurance is best in india?

I like to take pure term insurance plan (as suggested by http://www.outlookmoney.com) .

Which company term insurance is good and better.

SBI, LIC , Birla sunlife or any other term insurance.

In what way it is better than other

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  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    as in the current scenario no 1 takes the term plan as they as there premium paying span is long.

    every1 is going for ULIP plans in which you just have to pay the premiums for 3 years and so for as Term plans are concerned you have to pay the premium for atleast 10 years.

    now you can think your self which is better.
    term or ULIP

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  2. Having been away from India . Will not know the latest. Try LIC
    Life Insurance Corporation .Known to be reputable..Has Govt of India’s backing.
    Jeevan Bharti Bulding
    Connaught Circus
    New Delhi

  3. HI,
    As per suggestion INSURANCE Companies make money out of us. They attract us through various schemes but we are the ultimate looser.
    Please don’t go for any one.

  4. It is good that you are serious about Term insurance, which is a pure insurance product. In insurance market, there is too much misselling & one example you can see in a answer above, in which she is trying to sell a front loaded product of ULIP for just three years. You will be a big loser if you will buy an ULIP for just 3 years.

    Now come to your question. I did too much research & found that SBI is the cheapest Term product at my age(30 years). LIC is priced little more then this.

    When you buy a term plan, just look for 2 major factors, premium & claim payment history. As premium is lowest in these 2 & I could not hear anything wrong regarding claim payment history of these 2 companies, I opted SBI. No I am planning to take one more term plan & so I will choose LIC.

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