5 Replies to “Which technical indicators should be used for day trading in NSE & BSE shares?”

  1. I know you won’t believe this… but… the actual real answer is;
    The ones that work for you!

    There is no formula for an exchange. There are hundreds of indicators to suit thousands of possibilities. Successful traders have two things in common;
    A. They’ve developed a system that works for them.
    B. They have great trading money management skills.
    Item “B” is always more important than Item “A”. In fact great trading money management skills is more important than picking the “right” stock.

    Read some books about successful traders (Like “Stock Wizards”). Only then will you understand how “off base” your question is.

  2. The First thing you have to do is
    1. First, study the market trend for tomorrow. Is it trending? or Is it trading market? Bullish ? or Bearish?
    2. Find support and Resistance levels of market?
    3. Find stocks which are exactly following market trend or direction.
    4. find supports and resistance levels of individual stocks which you have chosen to trade that day?
    5. Note down stop-loss levels to exit from trade?
    6.Important , After opening the market, watch the market trend for about 30-40 minutes.
    7. Then only start trading in chosen stocks, at any cost, don’t do trading stocks which you didn’t planned.

    Lost but not least

    Successful trade=10% technical analysis+45% money management + 45% Psychology

    All the Best,


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