4 Replies to “Which tax saving Mutual Fund in India has been consistently delivering a return of 40% or more ?”

  1. 40% is too optimistic.
    Also with such falling markets, most of the top performing funds have turned -ve.
    SBI’s Magnum Tax Gain is India’s largest ELSS scheme

  2. I would be very happy if I got 40% one year in a decade AND managed to hang on to it.

    Your expectation of a consistent 40% is terribly unrealistic.

    Risk and return are directly connected. You cannot get around that fact. So 40% and “consistent” DON’T go together. Your return is payment for taking risk.

    Only an extremely risky investment could return that much and then your chances of losing some or all your money is also very high.

    Be careful.

    Good Luck.

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