4 Replies to “Which stocks should buy(TOTAL Rs 20,000) during these days of falling stock market?”

  1. Gud, Since you are fresher to the Stock market do some home work before get into the bourse such first decide what is your role as an investor whether Short & medium Termist o Long term,, then calculate your desired return on ur investment ( May be 5 – 8 % premium on Fixed Deposit interest).

    Do some fundamental analysis of some gud blue chip companies (Good Brand name, long standing business, very liquid shares, good earnings and so on) if u r a long term investor, thus calculating some fundamental ratios such as EPS (Both diluted & Basic), DPS, PEG (Price earnings growth), PE multiples, NBV ( Net Book Value) & so on,, and also give some due important to the qualitative factors of a company too read their last year o quarter Annual Reports and start up with MD’s view on the future also look for what are the major risks faced by the industry their operating on.

    Or ask ur Stock Broker to help you out with these procedures but dnt mere follow them wit their recommendations.

    Ok then All the Best for your Returns 🙂

  2. 1.invest in small lots.invest in different sectors. so that you can take advantage of falling market.
    2.select blue chip companies which are at attractive prices and invest.
    3.Take the help of a financial advisor or stock broker in selecting the stocks.

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