which stock is better to invest my small savings?

I m planning to invest 20k in stock market but I dont know which broker would be better in terms of sevice and in terms of brokerage they charge. As I am new to the market, the suggestions they give me would also be critical factor.
Waiting for your suggestions.

which stock is better to invest my small savings?
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  1. If you want to start your new journey with the share market I welcome you on this NEW TRACK.

    INDIA INFOLINE, SHARE KHAN, ANGEL BROKING this are the best organizations where you can open your D-MAT account.

    I explain you about INDIA INFOLINE. Their DE-MAT account opening charge is Rs. 777. At the time of opening a new account you need to invest at least 10000 rupees. In short you need to have 10777 rupees with you to open an account in INDIA INFOLINE.
    Their Intraday brokerage is 5 paise per 100 Rupees & delivery brokerage is 50 Paise per 100 rupees.
    In other organizations these brokerages vary in the range of 3-5 paise for an intraday & 30- 50 paise for delivery

    To talk about the stock. If you want to go for long term Pharmaceutical shares like CIPLA, RANBAXY, & DRREDDY these are the few stocks in which you can invest. One more stock is there which listed on the auspicious occassion of Diwali & closed 40% above its offered price that is COAL INDIA.

    Once you have entered the market automatically you will have an idea when and where to invest in stock market, so don’t worry. Go ahead !

    Happy Trading!!!

  2. The best and most inexpensive brokerage place you can go with is scottrade.com if you plan to do your investing online atleast. ZDAJ5765 is my refer code (if you sign up) which would give you 3 Free trades (worth around $21). Refer more people and you can continue to trade for free.

    Scottrade also has a physical place you can go to talk to people. Though they charge more for doing it in person.

    I mean, it all depends on how much risk you are willing to take and how much you want to make. The chance for more profit comes with a greater chance to lose it. Right now, the ETF (or exchange traded fund) that is looking hot and solid is GLD. They are a fund that has heavy holdings in gold. As confidence in the government and the dollar wane, this stocks rises.

    Another solid investment is Honda. They aren’t going anywhere and should at the very least hold their position, though I’m betting they gain on toyota due to the persistent recalls. Plus I do believe in the brand.

    ATVI, or Activision is a bit more risky but have HUGE games coming out. (new world of warcraft and Call of Duty: black ops) They are poised to make some profit. http://news.softpedia.com/news/Activision-Blizzard-Beats-Revenue-and-Profit-Predictions-165248.shtml

    On the retail side, I suggest a place you frequent and see lots of people. I like Kohls and Macy’s. Both aren’t going anywhere and Kohls seems poised to go higher on their earnings report due out soon.

    Besides that, McDonalds and Walmart are also very solid and aren’t going away anytime soon and is a place you can have some confidence in. Though they obviously don’t have huge room to grow.

    Your best bet is to diversify a bit of it. Some gold, some retail, some automotive, some gaming. It’s worked for me atleast. Trust your instincts and keep up with the news to find trends.

  3. I think 20 k is very less amount amount, i think the better idea is invest in mutual fund. In mutual fund open a Sip.

    It is good idea go for it….

    All The Best…

  4. Good you have decided to invest but remember not to invest a huge amount, initially start with small amount and then as you understand the market start investing more. Long term investment is more profitable than short term.Ranbaxy,nifty,TCS you can start with such stocks
    Wishing you all the best

  5. Hopefully you’re not thinking of putting all your money into one company. That could end in disaster.

    If you want total “help” from a broker… you’re going to pay high fees for that service. A trade that would cost me $5 would cost you $200 or much more. What you’re looking for is called a full service broker (vs. a discount on-line broker).

    A Mutual fund would be a better choice for you. Your $20,000 investment for a Mutual Fund would cost;
    Full Service Broker: $1150
    Discount / On-Line Broker: $0.00 – $50.00

    Mutual Funds For Dummies
    Stock Investing For Dummies

  6. first of all, don’t feel like you have to invest your money immediately.if you were to go to yahoo finance and type in mcd in the emtpy box where it says “get quotes” then click on “get quotes”,general information of mcdonalds corporation will pop up. i own shares in afl,bdx,bms,cat,cl,cmp,d,dps,emr,etp,fast,gd,hcn,jpm,k,kmr,mcd,mlab,mro,nue,nvs,pg,pny,px,rsg,so,ssl and xom. if you enjoy the stock market as a hobby, you are likely to beat market averages. study,observe,contemplate and don’t get lost in the details.also, learn to use bad news to your advantage. that’s how you get shares cheap in terrific companies. you also need to know that you are going to lose sometimes.

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