Which property website do you recommend?

I have to advertise a house for rent, which property website do you recommend?
I’ve already tried 99acres, they’re not free, magic bricks is okay. Anything else?

Which property website do you recommend?
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  1. 1. Kindly mentioned,your property/house belongs to which area.

    2. Contact to the Local Area Property Dearler or Real Estate Agents.

    3.After that according to the local area dealers can do this job perfectly.

    4.Go through company lease or genuine brokers.

    5.Do the all formalities like Tenants Verification and agreements etc.as per the court rules.

    Note: while making the Tenants Agreements,that ensure that the Agreements should be 11 months,23 months …..not completed the years /months like 12 months , 24 months. as per lease documents or agreements.

  2. http://www.sulekha.com is absolutely free and great service
    propertywala.com is also ok, but they show very old postings also, you have to filter

    efore you buy a property, decide what to buy, whether its a flat or house. there are few tips to decide on this in the below link.


    Once you have decided on what property to buy, check the below link to understand the initial steps you need to follow for buying a property


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