3 Replies to “Which policy is better? HDFC’s ULIP or SBI’s SIP?”

  1. all ulip products depends on locking period.
    Allocation percentage .
    and different funds available under the specific products and trend of funds(NAV).
    Both are almost identical products but I personal will go for SBI SIP.
    As far as your quest is concern,whether you go for high risk Equity Funds or Low risk fund depends on your appetitte for risk taking.
    Plz read the brochere carefully before investing in any product.

  2. I would prefer SIP over ULIP. Though, it completely depends on your needs.
    Please choose SBI SIP wisely because, in my opinion, there is no SBI fund in top-5. There are many other funds that have greater growth potential.

  3. SBI Ulips are better than HDFC Ulips

    The charge’s in SBI Ulips are less and provides higher returns compared to others.

    Before taking any policy just compare the Brochettes and illustrations.

    For SBI Ulips Details Contact: 099 85 66 66 54
    : [email protected]

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