Which one will you choose from HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank and Why?

If you are given two options to choose from then Which one will you choose from HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank and Why?

Serious answers please.

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  1. Seriously if you are looking for good customer care and premium quality service go for HDFC.

    If you are not serious about quality that much go for icicidirect.

    I hold both of them and from my experience hdfc is more good for banking needs.

  2. Points for the selection of Bank

    1) Custome Care
    2) Honouring of Commitment
    3) Personalised service
    4) PRompt Action
    5) Cost of Banking

    I am very happy with the services of HDFC Bank for the reasons mentioned above.

  3. both are real brother sorry comparison can not be made

    this is just matter of perception who first greeting / slapping you warmly.

  4. I would go with ICICI bank. I read a story in a blog about how a HDFC customer was harassed by the bank for not using their services. Seems awful!

  5. I have written an article on parameters for choosing your Bank. Please read the article how to choose your Bank from http://www.simplybank.blogspot.com

    To be more specific I would compare them on the following parameters.

    1. Convinience : Both banks are evenly poised in terms of Remote Banking services such as Internet Banking and Phone Banking. ICICI has more number of ATMs.

    2. Range of Services : If you want to centralise all your products with one bank, then either one would be good as both have a good range of products. ICICI is much better than HDFC in Demat Accounts and Credit Cards.

    3. Tariff & Charges : HDFC is much better than ICICI on charges. Their service is also marginally better.

    4. HDFC will harass you less in terms of outbound telecalling etc.

    If you tell me the product that you are interested in I will be able to give you a more specific response. Read http://www.simplybank.blogspot.com for information on similar topics.

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