3 Replies to “Which one will give better returns_LIC komaljeevan or SBI unit plus child plan?”

  1. Komal Jeevan is a classic insurance plan(guaranteed but low return) while SBI child plan is ULIP(non-guaranteed but high return). So it depends on which one you are comfortable with. Since you are looking for child insurance, you may take ULIp plan as they work good for 10+ years of horizon. Infact, if you want guaranteed return(always low), better open a PPF account for your child and put in the maximum amount you can. But don’t forget to take a pure term insurance (for 16-20 years depending on child’s age) along with the PPF so that your child’s education is financially guaranteed in any case.
    For more details on child education planning click on the link below.

  2. LIC komal jeevan and SBI unit plus child plans are different from each other, first one is traditional plan and second one is ulip plan. So first of all you decide that, whether you wants to go for low and steady return or you are ready to take equity market’s high risk and high return. Ulip plans are good for more than 10 year horizon period.

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