which one is to buy in stock market?

am a new for this stock market trading I want to utilize my money in balanced investment into different companies so that my investment will be at the time of loss or gain. So I will invest (1,60,000 ) writeway. Please can you give some tips on regarding this.
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Which one is to buy for long term I dont anything about stock market. Please advice

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  1. If you would invest $160,000 why would u ask strangers for financial advice. If u really want 2 make a good choice then read the Wall St. Journal, financial section, scan stock reports and Reuters, and news and find a compamny that has an affordable priced stock and is on the rise.

  2. This raises so many questions!

    First – what currency is the “1,60,000” figure? Second, what market or market are you trying to buy in? The US stock market? A different one? Several? Third – what are you trying to achieve with your investment? Fourth – what is your time frame? Fifth – how tolerant are you of risk?

    My advice would be to sit down with a few different financial planners, and ask them your questions.

    Good luck.

  3. We are in a “bear market” and could be for a long-time. The Fed is going to continue to drop interest rates just like Japan did in the 1990s. If the US market is anything like the Nikkei, the US market is the WORST place to be a buy-and-hold investor. Let’s say you started working in Japan in 1989 and added $5000 to your 401K every year… you would still be underwater 18 years later!! That is a taste of what is to come for the U.S. The US market and brokerage firms have “conditioned” the American investor to be buy-and-holders ever since witnessing the best bull market in US history (1980s-current). That is now changing!!

    The places you want to be is gold, silver, agriculture, alternative energy, oil, commodities, etc. If you can short the market using an inverse fund (Rydex or Profund), you can probably do very well there too.

  4. well assuming that your investment horizon is long term and you won’t be needing money invested in stock markets any time soon, so i suggest you make your portfolio with infrastructure and power stock. will mention few cos..invest in them as your wishes, they will appreciated real good in next few years.
    1- ntpc
    4-rec(will be listen in 2nd week of march)
    7-brigade enterprises


  5. Right now the time is not right to invest in the stock market.
    But if you are planning for long term investment you can have a look at the following stocks:

    Reliance Industries
    JP Assosiates
    Punj Llyod
    Reliance Energy

  6. Stock markets have crashed now in the recent week. So u can get into many stocks now at cheaper prices. If u are a long term investor then u can purchase the following stocks:
    ICICI Bank, Infosys, L&T, Punj Lloyd and Reliance Industries

  7. hi,

    First understand what are the factors you must see in a stock. go to http://vbulls.com/.

    1. now market is down. you can get stocks at good prices (infrastructure is good)

    2. market may take time to move up till then it will be range bound sensex between 16 000 to 20 000.

    3. in long term perspective (like, more than 1 – 2 years) definitely GO AHEAD.

    all the best.


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