4 Replies to “Which one is better if want put our savings monthly to get good profits?”

  1. Recurring deposits is for a fixed monthly for a fixed period. Generally you will get the benefit (principal and interest) only at the end.
    In chits you get the partial benesfit (perhaps interest portion)every month.In RD the net returns is Certain. But in chits it is volatile. And
    in Chits when to get the benefit *that is the princial) is according to your choice.

  2. Ajith go for recurring deposits or any other form of deposits offered by registered Banks.

    Chit funds may offer you 1 or 2 % rate of interest more than what a bank would give you but the safety part of the money is very less. There is no guarantee that you would get your money back.

    Since you are going to put your hard earned savings into this, you better choose a RD. These days RD’s give you Rate of interst of upto 9%

    Happy investing.

    mail me at [email protected]l.com if you need any more details.

    1. There are registered chit fund companies as well, margadarshi, kapil, sriram chits etc., In chits you will most likely get more than the RDs. Anywhere between 1-2%. Several people use chits to save money. If you need money chits also provide a way to borrow at reasonable interest rates. They are not that bad. .

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