7 Replies to “Which NRI account is better , in HDFC bank or in SBI bank ?”

  1. NRI account holder should look for prompt service like instant credit to the account from overseas, free charges, no minimum balance charges, no ledger folio charges and no other hidden charges. Bigger banks are monolithic and may not respond certain times. Try smaller banks like
    Union Bank of India, Corporation Bank.

    For details log into :


  2. i think u shud go with nationalised banks like SBI, Bank of India, Union Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, etc

  3. i bank with hsbc. the reason being it is an international bank having branches all over the world. i have an account in the uk hsbc which allows me to transfer the money directly into the hsbc branch in mumbai through internet banking. the money gets deposited at a decent conversion rate into the indian account within 3 working days, free of cost. if i wish to transfer this money to any other bank anywhere in india i can do this by logging into my indian nri account 3 days later and transfer it online using eft (electronic fund transfer), once again free of cost. this takes another 24 hours.

    besides they even offer a free atm / international debit card, depending on whether it is an nri / nro account.

  4. HSBC , Union bank of India , and dont even think of icici when u transfer your money to India the rate they for Indian rs is more in icici and u receive Ur money after 3 days and sbi is tooo big that they dont care if Ur are nri or any one it is same old slow service

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