which nationalised bank issues business loans ?

I want to start a business. I want to know which nationalised bank(s) issue business loans. I am not an income tax assessee. will I be able to pledge my house to get a loan ?

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  1. There are many kinds of business loans…
    banks and other private organisations fund for all sorts of business aspects….
    is it for your existing business or to start a new one??
    The basic things that the banks look out from loan seekers is…their loan repayability…
    and the credit worthiness that u have….
    u have to give details like why do u want a loan?
    business loans comes under commercial finance..so for which business u want that loan??(coz banks will not give loans to all kinds of business) they never take risk on non profitable business..
    how much loan u want?
    how can u repay that money??
    what is your net wort( all the fixed and movable assets that u have including your investments)
    what is your current liability( loans if u have any..like a housing loan or a personal loan, vehicle loan etc)
    what are your earning?? how much do u earn?? and how much do u need for running your life and business…..
    your business background ..if u have any???
    as far as my knowledge is concerned…getting a loan from banks is not that easy for business start up..and if are are a new guy..
    as i feel that u are new to it( as u said u are not a tax payer..and not even filed for it) the chances of getting a loan for u is very difficult..one more things is i think it is compulsory to show them your income tax returns for availing loan.
    still u can try..if u have some known people in key positions in a bank( like a branch manager)..
    hope this information is helpful…
    i wish u good luck..!!!!!!!!!!

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