Which Mutual Funds to invest in? New Mutual Funds or the mutual funds already performing well?

i am leaving for India in next few months, but not sure which funds to invest in there, New Mutual Funds or into the mutual funds who are performing well? and please share the list of mutual funds to invest in. thx for time taken to read my Query. cheers.

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  1. I won’t tell you which ones to buy but here are some facts. Mutual funds have a variety of strategies for different objectives based on risk and reward. I have no idea how funds are run in India.

  2. There is more risk involved in investing in new mutual funds than in ones that have a track record you can check out. Here is a site where you can evaluate mutual funds to determine which might be the better funds.

  3. SBL Frontlife equity
    HDFC top 200
    uti mahila unit scheme

    If you want to take less risk then go for debt MF…they invest 70% in equity & 30% in debt

  4. Try existing funds with proven track records. New funds has higher costs than existing ones which hurt your returns. Also go for open end funds and if possible either diversified or balanced funds.



  5. Hi ,
    Which funds to invest in depends on the time frame fro which you are willing to leave them invested and your risk taking willingness . If you are willing to look at a 5 year plus kind of view look at the following funds
    1. HDFC Equity fund
    2. Templeton Bluechip
    3. Birla Sunlife Midcap
    If your investment horizon is for less than five years consider a mix of debt and equity scheme.
    In debt the following funds would be ideal
    1. Birla Dynamic Bond fund
    2. HDFC HIF
    When it comes to MFs .. old is Gold !
    Appoint an independant Financial Planner to give you the best advise to manage your money . It works !

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